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We believe in integrity.

Our Mission

Here at Foodbridge, we believe there’s power in integrity—both in how we do things and what we offer to our clients. To us, that means understanding what our clients really need to succeed and working to provide it to them without complications or complexities, dedicating individualized attention to them along the way. We also believe in showcasing food of integrity by backing brands that make clean, ethically sourced foods as accessible as possible. For almost 30 years, Foodbridge has been changing the game of food sales and building relationships with people just as passionate about creating a sustainable future in the food industry.

How We're Different

If there’s one thing we’ve learned form the Midwest, it’s the importance of community and connection. Food sales and marketing can be confusing and consist of many different, moving parts. However, by utilizing our strong relationships with local distributors, manufacturers and operators, we make food sales easier and more effective for everyone. At Foodbridge, we offer individualized attention to everyone we interact with, from start to finish. We get to know you and your needs and we use our expertise to help you succeed. Communication, consistency and dependability—that’s our style.


Food sales and marketing is complex, but with our years of experience, we can help you navigate the process with ease.


Over the past 30 years, we’ve been building relationships with distributors, manufacturers and operators alike and put those connections to work for you.


We’re consistently thinking of ways we can improve our services, processes and products, so we can know what you need before you need it.





With a degree in Agricultural Business Administration, David’s experience includes such roles as Director of Purchasing for International Multifoods Restaurant Division, National Accounts Sales for Cargill Poultry Products, and General Manager for Cargill Fishery Products.




Jeff’s comprehensive experience as a foodservice broker over the past 30 years brings “think big” leadership and knowledge to our team. Jeff‘s many abilities encompass all aspects of the foodservice industry.



Health Care/Education Specialist & Inside Sales

With an educational background in marketing, business, sales and previous food-service industry experience Marnie is an integral part to the Foodbridge team.

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