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Brands We Carry

Here at Foodbridge, we believe food with integrity does more than just fill stomachs. It gives life to our communities. That’s why we choose to carry brands that offer sustainable solutions to the food industry and give back to their communities in the meantime. By browsing below, you’ll find brands of integrity who refuse to cut corners and do the hard work to produce clean, enjoyable, high quality products. The food industry is evolving, and these brands have been rising to the challenge of offering cleaner, purer foods since the very beginning.

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For over 125 years the Burry Brand has excelled at Producing Bagels, English Muffins, Cake Muffins, Breads, Rolls, Crackers, & Croutons.

Gardner Pie Company for more than 70 years has been maintaining the highest level of purity in their pies. Premium, honest ingredients are at the heart of their 60 varieties of pies. However, Gardner doesn’t stop there, they continually push the envelope, inventing new recipes like their Handmade Colonial Pie or South of the Border Collection.

Innovative poultry products, from premium heat-and-serve chicken tenders and grilled strips, too choice, ready-to-cook bone-in wings and breaded fillets.

For almost 130 years, Jones Dairy Farm has been crafting the art of the breakfast meat. From savory breakfast sausage to thick-sliced ham and salty bacon, Jones Dairy Farm knows the importance of a good quality meat to jumpstart breakfast. Jones Dairy Farm takes great care in what goes into the meats they produce and, most importantly, what doesn’t. That’s why they never use preservatives, binders or fillers and are certified gluten-free.

Kaufhold’s Kurds is a family-owned and operated cheese curd company out of the cheese curd capital of the country—Ellsworth, Wisconsin. Kaufhold’s has perfected the art of the fried cheese curd by crafting them with a low-moisture content to prevent fryer blowouts and ensure a quick fry time. Using all-natural, farmer-certified and rBST-free milk, Kaufhold’s curds come in three flavor options—the Original, the Garlic, and the jalapeño. With minimal breading and maximum cheese, these cheese curds are truly a fan favorite.

The finest snacks fresh from the heart of the upper Midwest. Includes well respected brands such as Old Dutch, Dutch Crunch, Rachel’s, & Barrel O’ Fun.

Located in the heart of America, Pan-O-Gold bakes the finest breads, buns, bagels, muffins, donuts, and rolls sold throughout the Upper Midwest.

Sweet Street, a Pennsylvania-based and women owned bakery, offers a variety of desserts, from brownies and bars to cakes and croissants, that are perfect for every occasion and setting. Sweet Street has an option for every consumer and knows what makes a dessert good—by staying true to the ingredients in their purest form. That’s why they use ingredients like cage-free eggs and pure butter, and never allow hormones, GMO, artificial flavorings and additives. Sweet Street is also kosher-certified and offers a variety of gluten-free options.